Meal Prepping

There is something so aesthetically pleasing about seeing all of your lunches neatly organized for the week, filled with multicolored veggies, the perfect portion of protein, and perhaps a little sweet treat as well. In reality, meal prepping can be a lot of work, but I will say that it is completely worth the effort. Continue reading “Meal Prepping”

Committing to Exercise

Why is it so difficult for some of us to motivate ourselves to workout? I see so many people who are getting up and working out before work or are carving an hour out of their evening to take a fitness class, and I ask myself “why can’t I do that?” And so I try to do that (have yet to do the whole working out before work thing but let’s take this one step at a time) and I may be consistent for a week or two, but then I fall off the wagon and I am back to square one.

What I am realizing now – and this is really not the biggest revelation – is that these people are making exercise a priority. Even more than that, they are making exercise a normal part of their everyday existence. In order for me to be like that, I need to make exercise like any other daily task, like brushing my teeth or watching TV. Once exercise, or any other activity you would like to incorporate into your life, becomes routine, it is pretty difficult to avoid. I want to make exercise not something I decide each day whether I am going to do, but rather, something that I do automatically.

There are so many ways in which I have tried to motivate myself to workout. And a lot of them have worked! I have purchased gym memberships, I’ve followed fitness bloggers and vloggers, I’ve invested in a yoga mat! However motivating these things may be, without the will power to actually do the moving of the body, they are simply distractions. These things end up making me feel even worse about myself because now, instead of getting inspired and acting on that inspiration, I wallow and compare myself to the fit girl on Instagram. Not good!

Therefore, I am committing to exercise. I don’t plan on being amazing at it at first, but I do want to make it a priority. I want to take my own advice from previous posts and get back up after falling down. I wanted to write about this because I know that this is something that so many people struggle with. I want to share my own experience and hopefully help others along the way.

So here are few things I have done thus far to change my mindset and get my body moving!

  • Class Pass: Fingers crossed, but I think this is the fitness model for me. It’s flexible, varied, and easy to cancel. (Committing to a year-long gym membership stresses me out and does not help me actually get to the gym).
  • Buddy system: I have been going to a lot of classes with friends. We get in a good workout, we get to look over at each other and giggle at the funny moves we are doing, and it’s a great friend date!
  • Utilizing Instagram: I have taken to posting on Insta stories when I am doing a workout, and it is a really great accountability tool. I really like being able to keep them all in my “FIT” highlight and then look back and see how many workouts I managed to complete that week.

I would love to hear about how you are working on prioritizing exercise! Let me know down in the comments!

The Latest

Hand Food | It’s that time of year when everything is dry, dry, dry – especially my hands. I have loved Soap and Glory products ever since I first started using them in 2014 while I was studying abroad in London. The signature scent brings me right back to my time in the UK, so not only do their lotions and soaps make my skin feels super soft, but I get a nice dose of happy nostalgia as well. Hand Food is Continue reading “The Latest”

The Latest

I have been thinking about doing something like this on my blog for a while now. I know that one of my favorite kinds of posts to read or videos to watch are favorites videos, and I thought that I would jump on that train while putting a little personal spin on it. I bring you, “The Latest,” what I hope to become a regular (weekly?) post wrapping up the things that I am loving. So, without further adieu, let’s begin! Continue reading “The Latest”

January Changes

New Year Resolutions. We’ve all made them, we’ve all said we will stick to them. But it can be challenging for sure. For me, I have always had a hard time remaining loyal to the goals that I have set out for myself at the beginning of each new year. It’s difficult! However, as I mentioned over on my Instagram, this year I am setting my goals with a new attitude. Continue reading “January Changes”

The New York Coffee Festival

About a month ago my dear friend Mena texted me asking if I would be interested in going with her to the New York Coffee Festival. Though I had no idea what this would entail, I immediately said yes. If coffee is involved, you can bet that I will be there.

I love coffee. I adore coffee. I need coffee. Coffee has become an integral part of my daily routine and I will admit that I am definitely dependent on it. There is something so wonderfully comforting about having a cup of coffee. Whether I make it at home or treat myself to a latte out in the city, coffee most certainly brings me immense joy. Continue reading “The New York Coffee Festival”

The Ideal Rainy Day

It’s been raining in NYC a lot lately, which has not been the most convenient being that a good portion of my commute is on foot. It probably goes without saying that most of us would much prefer a sunny, 75º day over 55ºand rainy. There is just a lot more that you can do when it it’s a nice day, right?

However true that may be, there are a few things about a rainy (or snowy!) day that I just love. Rainy days off give us permission to stay inside all day, watching movies, baking delicious creations, and reading a good book.

With that said, I bring you my ideal NYC rainy day. Continue reading “The Ideal Rainy Day”

My Struggle with Productivity

I am a textbook procrastinator. Even when I was in elementary school, you could bet your bottom dollar I was up way past my bedtime finishing a book report due tomorrow. Needless to say, my parents were not pleased that I was staying up late and cramming in my schoolwork at the last possible moment.

But, somehow, I made it work for me. I got good grades, went to a great college, and even though my proclivity towards procrastination did cause me some unwarranted and unnecessary stress, I never strayed from my routine (or lack thereof).

I was one of the people that would say “I work best under pressure,” or “I don’t have any motivation when I have so much time to get something done.” Motivation is certainly a keyword here. Though I would certainly classify myself as someone with goals, passion, and drive, I have always had trouble with the little steps in between the big accomplishments–in the way that I put things off until they can no longer be avoided. Continue reading “My Struggle with Productivity”

Welcome to marshmallowish

How many times have I wanted to create something like this? Or at least, what I hope that this will be. Many times. I had a blog with a friend from college, I had a YouTube channel, all fun but nothing I really stuck to.

Concerning the YouTube channel, I really liked it. But I did not like sharing so much in video form. However, I do really enjoy making and editing video content, and therein lies the reason for the “video” page on this site. I have some ideas regarding the kind of video that would balance my love to create and my nerves about sharing my entire day. I just need to make a plan and see how it all goes.

Regarding writing: I love to write and I love to edit. Lately, I have been editing many of my friends’ and family’s resumes, cover letters, and essays. I really enjoy taking their words and ideas, and first, ensuring grammatical excellence and second, helping them convey their ideas clearly and concisely. Now, I do not assume myself to be neither a grammar expert nor the best writer in the world, but I do enjoy it, and I think that counts for something.

My current goal for this site is to create a space for my scribbles, daydreams, and doodles, but also for curated, and thematically similar media. I want it to feel cozy, inviting, and dreamy.

That’s all, really. We shall see!