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I have been thinking about doing something like this on my blog for a while now. I know that one of my favorite kinds of posts to read or videos to watch are favorites videos, and I thought that I would jump on that train while putting a little personal spin on it. I bring you, “The Latest,” what I hope to become a regular (weekly?) post wrapping up the things that I am loving. So, without further adieu, let’s begin!

I. KL Polish // If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you are well aware of my obsession with KL Polish. If not, then let me inform you that this is the BEST nail polish I have ever used. Not only do I love the colors, finishes, and lasting power of these gorgeous polishes, but I also love the woman behind them! Kathleen Fuentes (better known as Kathleen Lights) is the creator of KL Polish, beauty vlogger, and one of the most real people I have ever come across on the internet. Her polishes are 12 free (meaning that they are made without 12 of the nasty chemicals that are often found in other polish brands) as well as vegan and cruelty-free. The shades are gorgeous, and not to mention that each polish is named for a unique person or favorite thing in Kathleen’s life. I HIGHLY recommend that you check them out. Some of my favorites include Winter is Coming, Alyssa, and Prince Cornelius (named for Kathleen’s little Yorkie!).

II. Blueberries // RANDOM, I know. BUT I bought a huge carton of blueberries at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and they were incredibly good. I could not stop eating them. As I continue to embark on my New Year/New Me (cringe lol) lifestyle, I have found that blueberries are one of my favorite healthy snacks. Who doesn’t love a good blueb?

III. Clarisonic // I purchased my Clarisonic around three years ago, and for a while, I was pretty consistent with using it. My dermatologist recommended it as a good way to slough off dead skin cells and help with my acne. I think that at the time, it did help, but as we all do sometimes, I fell out of the habit and forgot about it. It was not until recently, after a trip to the dermatologist, that at her urging I charged up my Clarisonic and started incorporating it back into my skincare routine. I have to say, that in combination with using Differin every night, I am seeing a massive improvement in my skin. Breakouts have been minimal and my texture is becoming smoother. I started out by using it just at night, but now I am actually using it to wash my face in the morning as well. My face feels so clean afterward and it is definitely helping to remove any dead skin and dry patches that otherwise would be very much emphasized under makeup.

IV. Detail Therapy with Amy Landino // I am not a super avid podcast listener, as a lot of my social media intake is via YouTube. I have been watching Amy Landino’s videos for a few months, and have now become obsessed with her new(ish) podcast, “Detail Therapy.” Amy is all about “going after the life you want” and on her podcast, she interviews all different people, ranging from actors, to bloggers, to athletes, and more, learning all about how they are finding success in whatever field they have chosen. It has been a great pick-me-up and really gets me feeling motivated. Amy is a great host and interviewer, she makes things light and fun while also showing such respect for those that she brings on the show. She releases a new episode every Tuesday, and it has quickly become something I look forward to listening to each week!


2 thoughts on “The Latest”

  1. I need to add that podcast to my list! I’ve loved Serial and Up and Vanished, but have been wanting to expand my podcast listening.


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