My Struggle with Productivity

I am a textbook procrastinator. Even when I was in elementary school, you could bet your bottom dollar I was up way past my bedtime finishing a book report due tomorrow. Needless to say, my parents were not pleased that I was staying up late and cramming in my schoolwork at the last possible moment.

But, somehow, I made it work for me. I got good grades, went to a great college, and even though my proclivity towards procrastination did cause me some unwarranted and unnecessary stress, I never strayed from my routine (or lack thereof).

I was one of the people that would say “I work best under pressure,” or “I don’t have any motivation when I have so much time to get something done.” Motivation is certainly a keyword here. Though I would certainly classify myself as someone with goals, passion, and drive, I have always had trouble with the little steps in between the big accomplishments–in the way that I put things off until they can no longer be avoided. Continue reading “My Struggle with Productivity”

Welcome to marshmallowish

How many times have I wanted to create something like this? Or at least, what I hope that this will be. Many times. I had a blog with a friend from college, I had a YouTube channel, all fun but nothing I really stuck to.

Concerning the YouTube channel, I really liked it. But I did not like sharing so much in video form. However, I do really enjoy making and editing video content, and therein lies the reason for the “video” page on this site. I have some ideas regarding the kind of video that would balance my love to create and my nerves about sharing my entire day. I just need to make a plan and see how it all goes.

Regarding writing: I love to write and I love to edit. Lately, I have been editing many of my friends’ and family’s resumes, cover letters, and essays. I really enjoy taking their words and ideas, and first, ensuring grammatical excellence and second, helping them convey their ideas clearly and concisely. Now, I do not assume myself to be neither a grammar expert nor the best writer in the world, but I do enjoy it, and I think that counts for something.

My current goal for this site is to create a space for my scribbles, daydreams, and doodles, but also for curated, and thematically similar media. I want it to feel cozy, inviting, and dreamy.

That’s all, really. We shall see!